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    WCOR Rulebook for 2015


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    WCOR Rulebook for 2015 Empty WCOR Rulebook for 2015

    Post  MasonW on Sat Jan 24, 2015 6:33 am

    WCOR was created in 2011 for the purpose of having fun and keeping a friendly atmosphere, outside of the bigger leagues allowing everyone to be themselves and enjoy their time playing NR2003.  Follow these rules and have fun!

    General Rules:

    1. A WCOR driver is expected to treat other drivers with respect on and off the racetrack.

    2. Give equal respect to the admin(s), as they do their best to provide you with good racing and fun times.

    3. Cheating is not allowed in WCOR. If you are caught hacking or cheating (such as changing the weather, using grip hacks, return to pit glitch, or any other form) you will be automatically banned from WCOR.

    4. Purposely wrecking the field, also known as “Lepaging” is unacceptable. If you do this, you will most likely not be racing after that.

    5. Racism and Bullying rule: Bullying and Racism is not allowed in WCOR. Regardless of skin color/ethnic group or what happens on/off the racetrack you should treat each driver with respect and treat others how you would like to be treated. If you break this rule you will be given a warning and the second time you will be removed from the league.

    Racing Rules:

    1. When a caution comes out,  gradually slow down and resume pace speed after the line to what is said by the admin.

    2. Double file restarts at all times. Only an admin can change this, if needed.

    3. If you are deemed a hazard on track you will be asked to park. Failure to listen may result in an ejection

    4. A multi-car accident (2 or more cars spinning around or crashed will bring out the yellow flag, This can also change during the race if there are cautions every few laps.
    Single car spins may be counted up to 3-5 spins before a caution is thrown depending on what is decided in drivers meeting.

    5. The Lucky dog will be given to the first car that is a lap down. The car that receives the lucky dog will have the choice to
    go around the field or just drop to the back and have the lap added.

    6. An administrator dictates whether pit road is open or not. Always assume it is OPEN, unless an admin says so. An admin will also say when we will have the one to go.

    7. Intentional Wrecking is not allowed during the race. It is okay to give a driver a nudge or two if you are unhappy with them, but do NOT wreck the driver. Doing so will give you a points penalty or suspension

    8. Blocking is allowed during the race but do at your own risk. If you cause a crash by doing so you then you will be given a warning.
    Teamspeak Rules

    1. If someone is bothering you in teamspeak, there is a mute button for the user. Just right click their name and select “Mute Client”. If the problem still continues, please contact one of the adminis to take care of the issue.

    2. Show respect for people on teamspeak, not doing so can result in a warning or kick from the server, doing so again after warning can result in temporary-permanent ban from the server.


    Emergency Situations:

    1. In the event that the server crashes, grab the export and or replay if you can. This helps just in-case the admin cannot get the export/replay in time.

    2. If the server crashes after the halfway point of the race, we will set the server back up with the amount of laps left and finish the race. If it crashes after the halfway point, we will do a vote to decide wheter the drivers would like to finish the race.



    You will be allowed one sub driver in the chase. (If emergency contact admin and you may receive another)

    A championship contender coming into the last race will not be allowed a sub driver.

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